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Implementation Ideas"You don't need a degree in science to use ProQuest Direct SiteBuilder."

ProQuest Direct SiteBuilder is not rocket science. Heck, it's not science at all. You find what you need in ProQuest Direct, capture the link (and optionally modify it), secure the link using convenient access control methods, and insert the link into text or an image on your page. That's it.

You can do this. You don't have to be a technical wizard. (Although of course, wizards are encouraged to dive right in and edit ProQuest Direct links by hand, or use the Search for Publication link to enhance an OPAC.)

Visitors to your site will love the ease with which they can view articles, lists of articles, or even search for articles themselves. And if they can't get to your can include the links in an email message.

Here are some ideas...

Provide a Link to a Specific Article

Create a link to display a specific article with the Article Retrieve link.

Provide a Reading List of Selected Articles

Using the Article Retrieve Link

Use the Article Retrieve link to build a list—as individual links—of selected articles that you want to share.

Using the Search by Word Link

Use the Search by Word link to provide access to the list of articles—called Search Results in ProQuest Direct—found by a search that you defined.

Using the Search for Publication Link

Use the Search for Publication link to provide access to the list of articles (contents) available in a specific issue.

Provide Lists of Publications or Issues

Use the Search for Publication link to create links to lists of magazines, journals, dissertations and other publications, or to lists of available issues of a specific publication.

Provide a Search Page

The Search by Word and Search for Publication links let you capture generic search pages you can use as templates for your own application. We encourage you to customize these pages...using buttons, text, colors, and other elements so they are visually compatible with the rest of your site.

Search by Word

Use the Search by Word link to let users search for articles containing specific words or phrases.

Search for Publication

Use the Search for Publication link to let users search for publications and access specific issues and their contents.

A Sample Site

The image below shows the homepage for mythical Arbour State University. This site incorporates all of the ideas listed above. It provides students and faculty with access to:

bullet item A Custom Search page that supports keyword and publication searching.
bullet item A Reading Room page that provides users with access to publications categorized by subjects such as business and economics.
bullet item Course Packs of selected articles—required/suggested reading for specific courses.
bullet item A Reserve Room of selected articles reserved by instructors for their students.
bullet item A Topics Room that allows users to browse for articles by selecting topics, such as aerospace.

Sample site welcome page