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Anatomy of a ProQuest Direct Link

Every ProQuest Direct link begins with the following prefix:
Following the prefix are parameters that determine the nature and function of the link. Required parameters are described below. The Search by Word, Search for Publication, and Article Retrieve links each support other link-specific parameters. A question mark (?) character separates the parameters from the prefix. An ampersand (&) character separates each of the parameters. Each parameter must be in this format: parameter=value. Here is the prefix, with parameter syntax added:
Every ProQuest Direct link contains at least the following required parameters*:
Ver The version of the URL specification used by the link. ProQuest Direct will provide this parameter and its value automatically.
Exp The expiration date of the link.
Cert A block of encoded data (a certificate) that contains information about the link's function. The certificate includes account information (account name and password); access control information (such as link password protection or IP address restrictions); and details about what the link is designed to do.
*  The order in which parameters appear in the link does not matter.
Here is a sample link, with real values supplied for the required parameters described above. Remember that the certificate contains encrypted information.