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Access Control

The ability to limit authorization beyond the most basic methods used throughout a system, based on arbitrary criteria. Access control is used in this document to refer to limitations set by a site administrator, as opposed to limitations determined by a given ProQuest Direct account.


A Cookie is a piece of data returned to a web browser by a web server. The browser returns the cookie to the server when it makes subsequent requests. Cookies can be used to preserve session information, passwords, shopping cart selections, etc.


An article can be available from ProQuest Direct in one or more of the following five formats

bullet item Citation—Provides bibliographic information, such as author and publication date.
bullet item Abstract—Provides citation plus a brief summary of the article.
bullet item Full Text—Provides citation, abstract, plus the text of the article.
bullet item Text+Graphics—Provides citation, abstract, and full text of the article, plus originally published graphics, such as photographs, illustrations, charts, and tables. As you scroll through the article, click a graphic to enlarge it.
bullet item Page Image—Provides scanned page images of the article as it was originally published. Page images display in Adobe's Acrobat® Reader.

At the right side of the article list are five columns. The columns correspond to the article formats listed above. The icons in these columns indicate for each article whether a format is available—the icon appears dark means the icon is available; the icon appears dim means the article is not available. For example,

yesicon2.gif (1005 bytes) the format is available
noicon2.gif (968 bytes) the format is not available

For any article, the availability of specific formats will depend on publisher agreements and any applicable restrictions in your ProQuest Direct account contract.


The term link is used in this document to refer to a URL that references a ProQuest Direct service via the SiteBuilder feature set. SiteBuilder provides four basic link types:
Search by Word
Search for Publication
Article Retrieve
Article Availability

Master Link

A master link is one of the following:

  • A search by word link with no search query, search options, or maximum results setting
  • A search for publication link with no search query, publication ID, issue ID, or maximum results setting
  • An article retrieve link with no document ID, format setting, or quality setting
  • An article availability link with no document ID

Search Results

The list of articles resulting from a search in ProQuest Direct.


A transaction that is completely independent of earlier and subsequent transactions. A sessionless transaction is a request that is completely self-contained. For example, a sessionless request for a document contains all of the information to properly identify the user and his billing account as well as the requested document and format.

Site Administrator

A person who uses the SiteBuilder features to build applications and web sites for his or her own customers.


The ProQuest Direct feature set that allows the generation of links to discrete, sessionless PQD features, including article retrieval, search by word, search for publication (table of contents), and article availability.


Uniform Resource Locator . A string of characters that references a specific Web object (page, file, image, form, etc.). An example URL could look like: