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My talents and experience include:

  • Web design
  • User Interface development, prototyping, and refinement
  • Technical writing — for both online and print delivery
  • Product/project management
  • Web and marketing collateral content writing
  • Creation and manipulation of graphics for online or print delivery

I frequently characterize myself as a 'Swiss Army Knife' employee. Over the course of my fifteen year career in the software industry, my abilities evolved from straightforward technical writing to embrace desktop publishing, collateral design, and Web site and user interface development. I can do a lot of things, some of them better than others. I especially enjoy brainstorming solutions to design and instructional challenges.

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I used a variety of software tools to develop and complete the projects below. I rendered all of the images and wrote all of the text.

Website Design

Prototyping — Static Images

Prototyping — Click-through html/static image prototypes

Prototyping — Changes to products

Prototyping — Broadcast commercial idea


Online help

Flash movies

Animated .gif images

Book covers for XanEdu OriginalWorks custom publishing

  • Cover 1 | Cover 2 | Cover 3 | Cover 4
    (covers 1 and 2 utilized low-resolution photographic images sent by authors and intentionally distorted in Photoshop to compensate for poor quality)

Old school

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